Applications for PLC controllers

Design, implementation and testing of control applications for PLC controllers

  • Advising on: selection and configuration of PLC, selection and configuration of measuring devices for a given process or machine
  • Development of logic control algorithms for production, machines and processes, etc.
  • Development of digital control algorithms  (PID, dead-beat, fuzzy, and others) ;
  • Development of tuning and monitoring algorithms for PID and PID-like industrial controllers
  • Implementation of control algorithms for PLC controllers (GE (VersaMax Micro, VersaMax, 90-30, 90-70), Siemens (S7-200, S7-300),  Bernecker&Rainer (X20 series, Power Panels etc.), control devices from Horner and Unitronics.
  • Development of the software and wiring documentation
  • Implementation (commissioning, testing and modifications)
  • Integration of the designed control system with existing systems at the level of data exchange based on industry standards such as Modbus, Profibus.
  • Trainings for end-users related to the software use and maintenance of PLC controllers